Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pakistan flood appeal


Despite continuous rain, landslides (like the one pictured in this video) and raging rivers, we are managing to get emergency aid to affected areas in North West Pakistan.
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Dear Friend,

The worst monsoon flooding for 100 years in northern Pakistan is now affecting 14 million people - six million of them children.

This situation is now far worse than when we last contacted you, so I want to update you on the progress we have made, and ask if you could make a donation if you haven't done so already.

We are reaching the most vulnerable.
Our aid workers rescued seven heavily pregnant women from Battagram - a remote and flood-hit district in the north. The women were carried through waist high flood water on wooden beds to our health clinics in the Allia valley. All have since given birth to healthy babies in a safe and clean environment.

Our team walked for two days to reach thousands of families urgently in need of aid in the isolated Kalam Valley, and have distributed food using donkeys and zip wires - even carrying aid on their backs to reach remote areas.

Many others still need help.
At least 650,000 homes have been destroyed, leaving children exposed to the terrible weather in temporary shelters. A growing number of children are reportedly suffering from diarrhoea, skin diseases, water borne diseases and malnutrition.

Please help us get food, clean water and shelter quickly to these vulnerable children. Make a donation today.

Thank you

Gareth Owen, Emergencies Director

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We are a member of the Disasters Emergencies Committee (DEC). Give directly to the DEC here.

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