Friday, December 30, 2011

All over the world, time is running out for innocent boys and girls affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters.

Through the generosity of donors like you, Save the Children has already reached more than 73 million children with emergency aid and with long-term programs and activities that fight hunger and promote medical care and education. 

In desperate need of medical aid, these children could turn to our community health worker. What if we hadn't been there to help?
But millions more children are still threatened. 

That's why we're asking you to donate right now. 

Time is even more critical because your gift will be doubled when you donate by midnight, December 31. A generous supporter has offered to match every dollar donatedto our year-end campaign – up to $200,000. But your gift must be received in 2011 to qualify. 

As the year ticks to a close, please resolve to join us. After all, every child deserves a happy New Year! 

Thank you, 

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